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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Druces LLP recognises the importance of its role in committing to work in an ethical and sustainable manner whilst contributing to the community, and social and environmental issues.

Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) will be a principal way in which the firm seeks to coordinate and manage practices, along with engaging with key clients, employees and stakeholders to maximise positive social contributions and minimise the environmental impact of its business.

The firm divides its CSR strategy into three areas:

  • Workplace: How the firm looks at its responsibilities to its employees;
  • Community: How the firm engages with the local community; and
  • Environment: How the firm reduces its environmental impact.

This policy applies to all fee earners and support staff within the firm.



  • The firm will provide a safe and secure workplace which is conducive to the health and welfare of employees;
  • The firm will support employees with learning and development opportunities to help them reach their potential and maximise their contribution; and
  • The firm will promote an inclusive and positive culture to provide a working environment where everyone feels respected.


  • The firm will support initiatives and activities through the provision of appropriate staff time and/or financial contributions to agreed campaigns;
  • The firm will actively encourage employees to play an active role and get involved in the activities and opportunities which are supported by the CSR Committee; and
  • The firm will adopt and support such strategies and activities that are aligned to the firm’s and stakeholders’ interests.

The Committee

The CSR Committee is to be made up of existing staff, who will act on behalf of the firm to make it a responsible business and will do so in such a way which will promote the focus areas in an ethical and transparent manner. Any openings to join the Committee will be put to the firm;  all staff will be eligible to volunteer to support the CSR strategy and the wider commitment to the community, social and environmental issues.


The CSR strategy aims to:

  1. Treat employees, clients and stakeholders with respect and integrity;
  2. Ensure that the firm complies to high standards of health and safety;
  3. Maintain the firm’s high standard of business conduct, and compliance with professional standards, legal obligations and ethical practices;
  4. Support the overall wellbeing and welfare of the people within the firm;
  5. Make a positive contribution to the social and economic welfare of the wider community; and
  6. Support and contribute to changes within the firm to minimise its environmental impact where possible.


  • The firm will seek to maximise and encourage the use of recyclable and reusable materials;
  • The firm will adopt measures that will aim to minimise its energy consumption where possible; and
  • The firm will support and use suppliers where possible, which deliver and support environmental policies, practices and goods.

We can already demonstrate our commitment to corporate social responsibility through our people and the initiatives we have already implemented, such as:

  • Actively promoting health and wellbeing through a number of activities running throughout the year and utilising a mental health first aider as part of our wider strategy of wellbeing;
  • Getting our people involved in choosing a nominated charity each year that supports our local community through various fundraising initiatives;

This policy and its principles will evolve as and when the firm’s CSR initiatives and practices increase and grow.

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