About Us

Our Approach

About Us

Our Approach

As a firm which has been operating for over 250 years, we have been able to refine and continually improve our approach to client service.

Over this period, we have listened to what our clients tell us they want from their advisors and shaped our business practices accordingly. The key four principles are:

  • Partner-led services: We are a partner-led firm which means that our clients are guided, from start to finish, by a close-knit team led by one of our partners, in whichever legal discipline a case requires.
  • Firm size: Clients tell us that the size of our firm works in their best interests.  We are able to field agile teams of lawyers who are attentive and well informed about the client and give a consistent level of service, from case to case.
  • Trusted bespoke advice: We provide clear, concise, legal advice. That advice will always be practical and tailored.
  • Every client is different: We understand that all our clients face unique challenges, which is why we take time to understand the very specific circumstances that they face, whether that is as part of a commercial organisation or as a private client in their own right.

Our Service Proposition further sets out our standards and the way we work with our clients.

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