Charities & Philanthropy

Druces Private Wealth We advise a broad range of charities on all the legal and commercial issues that can arise during their lifetime. These include the process of creating and registering a charity; fundraising, tax

Contentious Trust & Probate

Druces Private Wealth Disputes sometimes arise over Wills or in the context of family trusts or other inheritance matters.  Our specialist team is expert in the handling of these often-sensitive cases. We regularly advise individual

Powers of Attorney

Druces Private Wealth A power of attorney is a way of giving someone else legal authority to deal with your affairs. Contact Us When we advise clients on their estate planning, Lasting Powers of Attorney

Wills, Tax & Estate Planning

Druces Private Wealth We have many years of experience in helping clients to think about the inheritance they would like to leave for their heirs and then planning that inheritance in a tax-efficient way. Contact