Investors & Entrepreneurs


Investors & Entrepreneurs

We provide expert advice to investors on the terms of their investment and subsequent exit.

Cutting through the jargon, we ensure that investors are fully aware of the nature of their investment, the anticipated returns and their level of control. We understand that clear, direct and timely advice is required.

Our work in this area includes reviewing investment agreements; share scheme advice and guidance on the tax consequences (corporate and personal) of the structuring.

Legal services for entrepreneurs

We have broad experience of advising entrepreneurs through all stages of their business, from their formative years to ultimate exit. We understand the importance of strategic decisions made early on and how these can influence future success.

Once a business is established, the focus of advice often moves on to external funding options, helping a business to realise its full potential. We assist entrepreneurs to ensure that they understand the terms of any finance or investment offered, working with them to conclude the deal quickly and efficiently.

Later in the business cycle, we advise entrepreneurs as they approach an exit and look for guidance was they seek to realise the full value of their business.

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