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Druces has developed its immigration practice over many years. Today, we continue to provide tailored advice to businesses who need skilled workers, assisting with the application, maintenance, and use of a sponsorship licence.

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Druces has supported businesses with their sponsorship needs for a number of years and we offer expert advice on all aspects of the licence process, from preparing for life as a licence holder to assisting prospective migrants with their individual visa applications. 

Being a sponsor allows your business to access the global talent pool. However, being a sponsor has several obligations attached and expert guidance on handling the complex system is invaluable. 

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What is sponsorship?

The UK’s points-based immigration system relies on sponsorship. Businesses apply to become licenced sponsors and can then ‘sponsor’ migrants whom they want to employ. Without sponsorship most prospective migrants cannot usually come to the UK to work.

What are the benefits of sponsorship?

A sponsorship licence is a crucial route by which UK businesses can employ skilled workers from other jurisdictions in the UK. If your business struggles to fill vacancies then becoming a sponsor allows you access to a much broader workforce, who can come from abroad to take up employment.

How we support sponsors

We offer end-end to support from our specialist Immigration team. This includes helping you to understand the sponsorship system, the systems you need to have in place to maintain your licence, full support in relation to your application, assisting with licence management and compliance and providing support on your behalf in relation to the visa process.

Why choose us?

Applying for and maintaining a sponsor licence can be a daunting task. The Druces team has supported a multitude of businesses over the last decade, and we have a wealth of experience. This includes obtaining Skilled Worker licences and Global Business Mobility licences relating to Senior and Specialist Worker, Expansion Worker, and Service Supplier.

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Druces regularly works with businesses and their advisers in looking at and developing sponsorship licence plans. We provide legal expertise in relation to relevant routes and accessing the points-based immigration system. The result is a complete and professional package for licensees.

Who to Contact

Phillip Vallon


Phillip is a Partner specialising in Employment and Immigration law. He has a wealth of experience in handling a broad range of employment and immigration cases with particular expertise in resolving intricate HR issues and providing advice on sponsor licence and corporate visa applications.

How can we help?

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