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Syndicated Property Investment

Druces pioneered commercial syndicated property investment more than 30 years ago. Today, we remain at the forefront of this field, working with surveyors and the other professionals who establish and run syndicates, and assisting with the purchase, management and sale of syndicated properties.

Interested in property syndication?

Druces has supported property syndicators for decades and we offer expert advice throughout the entire life cycle of a property. We work with a number of syndicators, establishing these tax-efficient structures for co-investment in commercial property.

Being part of a property syndicate can bring huge benefits to their investors. However, the creation and structuring of a property syndicate requires expert handling from the outset and brings its own complexity and challenges.

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Syndicated Property Investment

What is syndicated property investment?

Simply put, a commercial property syndicate is an arrangement whereby a group of like-minded investors collectively allocate funds to invest in a commercial property, a purchase which otherwise they might typically have been unable to afford.

What are the benefits of property syndicates?

Property investment in any form has the potential to be a lucrative and attractive form of investment, both for income and capital returns. However, investing via a syndicate can bring added advantages:


Strength in numbers:

Syndicators connect groups of investors bringing higher-value and more complex properties within reach. Investors in any one syndicate can also be a mix of private individuals, corporates, charities and pension funds.


Freedom of choice:

Investors can choose a syndicate that matches their investment appetite and preferences. For example, they can target income or gains, a particular business sector or location.


Spread your investment:

Syndication gives the investor the option to buy into a single high-value property or to spread their capital across a range of properties.



Individual investors own a share of the underlying property and therefore have control over the strategy of the asset within the syndicate, including the option to sell at any point.


Tax transparency:

If structured correctly, syndicates are tax transparent so that those investing are only taxed, if at all, on their share of income and gains.


Exciting investments:

Syndication opens up the possibility of owning not only a piece of the high-street, but also of offices, industrial units and more.

How we support property syndicates

Our team consists of specialists in all the areas needed for property syndicates to run smoothly. This includes tax, construction, planning, management and general real estate expertise, allowing us to deliver a joined-up, responsive service focused on positive outcomes.

Syndicated Property Investment.

Why choose us?

Setting up and running any syndicated property investment requires specialised advice and advisers. Druces has supported hundreds of property syndicators in recent years, and we have a wealth of experience. This includes mezzanine loan syndicates and conversions to REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) status. We are experts within the retail, office and industrial property sectors. 

Our specialist Investment Team acts for a broad client base which ranges from REITs, financial institutions, property companies, pension funds and property syndicators, to high net worth individuals.

Contact our specialist property syndicate lawyers

Druces regularly works with chartered surveyors in managing joint initiatives for property syndicates for private investors. We provide the legal expertise in creating the vehicle for the syndicated investment and for the purchase and management of the target property. The result is a complete and professional package for syndicators.

Karen Chapman - Head of Real Estate.

Who to Contact

Karen Chapman

Head of Real Estate

Karen is a Partner and the Head of Druces’ Real Estate team. She has extensive experience in all aspects of commercial property and landlord and tenant related work, with a particular emphasis on investment and unregulated co-investment structures.

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